Casa de Vida

Casa de Vida is a 53-bed long-term residential facility that provides a fully integrated, evidence-based program of substance dependence treatment and trauma-informed mental health services to individuals with co-occurring alcohol/drug addiction, trauma histories, and mental health conditions. The service array addresses clinical, medical, case management, and ancillary needs and includes intensive therapy for substance dependence, PTSD and trauma, codependency, family, and mental health conditions. Programming focuses on the development of coping skills while providing the opportunity to process feelings and experiences in therapy. The recovery-based program welcomes persons of all genders and offers a structured schedule that delivers six clinical program hours daily through therapy groups, peer-facilitated groups, psychoeducational classes, and individual work. The treatment team collaborates with all parties involved in the care of the client and accommodates any identified treatment conditions. At Casa de Vida, our primary goal is to help clients understand that their behaviors are a symptom of underlying conditions and to support them in discovering their voice for change.