DDD Services

La Frontera Center’s DDD case management team offers members a number of specialized interventions created to address the unique clinical needs of those members diagnosed with a developmental disability. The DDD treatment team, which is located at the New Life site, consists of a nurse practitioner who is certified in providing specialty psychiatric services with this specific treatment population; an independently licensed clinician who performs functional behavioral assessments to ensure the best treatment outcomes for http://www.penessays.com members and assesses members for benefit from individual therapy sessions, which include modalities such as DBT, CBT, and EMDR resources; and a team of case managers who work in tandem with the Division of Developmental Disabilities, the Consultation and Clinical Intervention program, and many other community residential providers. The team utilizes BI and MI clinical practices within their interactions with members and offers ongoing staff training to ensure a solid treatment experience for all members receiving services at the New Life site.